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EM-Smart Mopa 20/30/60R - JPT Laser Engraver With/Without Rotary



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Note: the non-rotary model cannot be upgraded to a rotary model by just adding a rotary axis as the rotary function involves both external rotary axis and internal control board.

20W/30W/60W - JPT MOPA Fiber Laser

JPT Laser Source & Color Marking

Feature 1:


The MOPA laser source is a great way to expand your marking capabilities and improve the quality of your marking results on certain plastics and metals. With a conventional fiber laser marker, markings on certain metals and plastics (especially if they are dark in color) can be less homogeneous and rich in contrast.

Feature 2:


Professional colors marking on stainless steel and anodized aluminum, achieving permanent, intricate, and standardized color engraving.

Feature 3:


Unlocking new possibilities with an industrial-grade laser source, boasting high power capabilities that allow for deep engraving and precision cutting.

Feature 4:


With 30w/50w MAX industrial laser source, EM-Smart is 5+ times faster than its competitors, allowing you to complete tasks that previously took minutes in just seconds. Bring your masterpieces to life in a blink of an eye.

Feature 5:


EM-Smart laser engraver provides high accuracy engraving with its industrial-grade laser source, professionally customized galvo and F-Theta lens, allows for a leap in engraving accuracy.

Feature 6:

Unlimited Marking Height

150mm(MOPA 20W/30W=150mm,MOPA 60W=100mm) default marking height meets your demand for engraving most common items, while the limitless marking height achieved through rotation provides you with more space and possibilities.

Feature 7:

Various Marking Materials

  • Stainless Steel Color Engraving

  • Colored Lighters

  • Stone Slabs Deep Carving

  • Stainless Steel Color Engraving

  • Ceramic Coaster

  • Metal Plate Precious Engraving

Feature 8:

Galvo Scanning System

EM-Smart laser engraver uses glass fibers, population inversion and an amplifier module to create a stronger, faster-moving laser output. Industrial grade customized galvo scanning system and F-Theta lens make it achieve high accuracy engraving and HD 8K resolution.

  • Emergency Stop

    The EM-Smart Basic has a built-in emergency stop button for a quick shutdown in case of emergency.

  • Overheat Protection

    Laser module features integrated overheat safeguards to prevent fire and extend lifespan.

  • Exhaust Fan

    The built-in Integrated exhaust fan effectively removes engraving smoke for safe, optimal performance.

  • Protective Solutions

    The fully enclosed safety guard and specialized eyewear shield users from 355nm/450nm/1064nm light sources to ensure safe operation.

Feature 9:

Various Security

Feature 10:

EZCAD & LightBurn

All EM-Smart lasers come with customized BJJCZ laser marking board, they are compatible with both Ezcad & LightBurn to spark every ideas, and you can use your EM-Smart on Windows, MAC, Linux.

Feature 11:

Rotary Working

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Model  EM-Smart MP20 (20R) EM-Smart MP30 (30R) EM-Smart MP60 (60R)
Laser Source  JPT
Laser Type Fiber laser
Output Power (W)  20W 30W 60W
Marking Speed (mm/s)  0-10000
Standard Marking Field (mm)  150*150(70*70/110*110/175*175)
Maximum Marking Height (mm)  150 (MOPA 20W/30W=150, MOPA 60W=100)
Laser Wavelength (nm)  1064
Beam Quality (m²)  ≤1.3 ≤1.3 ≤1.5
Repeat Accuracy (mm) Spectral width<15nm
Pause energy 0.8mJ
Spectral width<15nm
Pause energy 1.5mJ
Minimum Character (mm) Pulse width 2-350ns
Line Space: 0.001mm
Pulse width 2-500ns
Line Space: 0.001mm
Minimum Line Distance (mm)
Repeat Pause Frequency Range (KHz)  Frequency Range 1-4000kHz (1-3000)
Full Power Frequency Range 25-4000kHz (37-3000)
Operation Temperature (℃)  0-40
Storage Temperature  -10 to +60
Cooling Method  Air Cooling
Lifespan (Hours)  100,000
Net Weight (Kg)  14.5 18
Dimension (L*W*H*T mm)  437*307*545*88 475*325*545*90
Package Size (L*W*H mm) 760*540*170
Supply Voltage (V) DC24V
Power Consumption (W)  ≤120 ≤144 ≤300
PC Connection USB Cable
Certificate CE, FDA, RoHS, SGS, ISO9001
Color Available Black+Red
Deep Engraving Y
Cutting Function Y
Rotary Function N (Y)
Lens Replacement Y
Thermal Protection Y
Emergency Stop Y
Design Quick Set-Up + Color Marking + Unlimited Marking Height
Marking Software EZCAD/LightBurn (License Required)
Marking Format text, png, bmp, jpg, gif, tga, tif, svg, ai, cdr, dxf, dst, plt, bar code, qr code, serial number, date code, time code, TCP/IP communication, serial communication, file, sql database, etc.
Language Chinese (Tradition & Simplified), English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, French, German, Italian, Thai, Vietnamese, Turkish…Up to 24 Languages
Operating System Windows & MAC & Linux
Applicable Material Metal, Plastic, Leather, Slate, Stone, Rubber, Coated Wood, etc. / Colorful Marking