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1. What’s the power of EM-Smart?

As of the date, EM-Smart has released more than twenty models of seven series (EM-Smart One/Basic/Nova/MOPA/Super/PC/PRO), with power ranges 20W/25W/30W/50W/60W.

2. What formats does EM-Smart support?

EM-Smart supports both texts of different fonts and images of different formats including text, png, bmp, jpg, gif, tga, tif, svg, ai, cdr, dxf, dst, plt, bar code, qr code, serial number, date code, time code, TCP/IP communication, serial communication, file, sql database, etc.

3. What laser marking software does it use?

EM-Smart laser marking machines use EZCAD as the default marking software and we will send the licensed EZCAD software package together with the machine.

4. Does it work with LightBurn?

Yes. All EM-Smart laser machines are compatible with LightBurn. However, you may need purchase the license key after their trial period.

5. What laser source do you use?

Our marking machines use Max and JPT laser sources. You can find out the laser source information for each model on the product detail page.

6. Can I make colorful laser marking with EM-Smart?

The MOPA models can mark colorful patterns on the stainless steel and anodized aluminum, and the other models can mark black and white or the original color of the item on almost all common matereials.

7. What is the estimated lifespan of EM-Smart?

100,000 hours, which is equivalent to over 10 years.

8. Can I mark/engrave on a concave or spherical object?

Yes, each of our machine provide the rotary version. For rotary marking or engraving on spherical or cylindrical objects, we suggest you use our machines which have the rotary function.

9. Does EM-Smart laser marking machine has a cutting function?

With regard to the cutting function, we suggest you choose the 25W and above models which have a better cutting effect.

10. What is the maximum marking field EM-Smart can mark?

EM-Smart has a standard marking field of 110mm*110mm and we provide optional lens of 70*70mm, 150*150mm or 175*175mm for certain models.

11. What is the maximum marking height of EM-Smart?

90mm for EM-Smart One/Nova/PC/PRO. 150mm for EM-Smart MOPA. 200mm for EM-Smart Basic/Super. All Basic/Super/MOPA models are extensible for unlimited marking height.

12. What is the maximum depth EM-Smart can engrave?

It depends on the watts of the machine and the duration of marking or engraving. Generally, it can achieve 1-2mm deep engraving on the metal within a short time.

13. What is the repeat accuracy of EM-Smart’s marking?

With EZCAD, you can make it ±0.002mm.

14. How fast can EM-Smart mark?

As fast as 10,000mm/s. For instance, it takes a few seconds only to laser mark a logo on a YETI cup.

15. What type of power is required?

EM-Smart is designed with a voltage range from 110-240V AC, 50/60hz. Besides, you can also use an outdoor power supply.

16. What are the dimension and weight of the EM-Smart?

The weight of EM-Smart laser marking machines ranges from 8.5kg to 14kg. You may check the product detail page for dimension of each model.

17. What is the maximum weight the workbench of EM-Smart can bear?

The maximum weight is 35.0kg.

18. What are the computer requirements for running the EM-Smart? How to connect the computer with the EM-Smart?

EM-Smart machines are compatible with Windows, MAC, and Linux OS. They can be connected via a USB cable (a given part).

19. Do I need to download any software to mark with EM-Smart?

You need to install the marking software EZCAD or LightBurn on your computer. We have provided a flash drive with EZCAD inside. You can simply copy and install.

20. How many languages are supported by EM-Smart?

EZCAD supports 14 languages: Chinese (Tradition & Simplified), English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, French, German, Italian, Thai, Vietnamese, Turkish. And LightBurn supports up to 24 languages.

21. How many colors available for EM-Smart?

The EM-Smart is available in a couple of colors. You may see the product detail pages for color options of each model.

22. What’s the difference between EM-Smart and Cubiio or Laserpecker? What makes EM-Smart different from other laser machines?

The Cubiio or Laserpecker are usually equipped with lower watts laser sources while EM-Smart with 20W/25W/30W even 50W/60W, which means EM-Smart will be able to mark and engrave much faster, deeper with higher precision. Currently, the EM-Smart is the smallest professional laser marking machines with industrial and commercial capacity.

23. What comes with the EM-Smart?

All EM-Smart machines come with the laser machine, power cord, EZCAD software (in a USB disk), a pair of laser safety glasses, positioning bars, marking test material package, rotary axis(if rotary version), marking plate (if foldable models).

24. Do I have to buy an Air Filter for my EM-Smar?

We recommend you buy the air filter to clean the dust or smog generated from marking or engraving, which lets you use your EM-Smart anywhere in the home, school, or office. If you don't use an Air Filter, you may need to use a fan or a window instead.


25. What can I mark with the EM-Smart?

You can use EM-Smart to mark and engrave metals (stainless steel, steel and hard metals, aluminum and anodized aluminum, precious metals, gold, silver, brass, copper, iron, titanium and titanium alloys, other metals), plastics (polyamide, polycarbonate, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymer, other plastics) and other materials like slate, leather, stone, gift paper box, coated wood, etc.

26. Can I mark on the glass?

Yes, you can mark on the glass, ceramics, wood, etc. only if they are coated with a thermal transfer layer on the surface, but it will be difficult to mark on original glass or logs or fabric.

27. Do I need to buy extra materials for my marking?

Nope, and we provide free marking material kit when you buy an EM-Smart laser. They can be used for marking tests or practice.

28. What are the consumables?

The laser module does not consume any materials.

29. Can I send you samples for proofing?

Absolutely. We can make a free laser marking test with video and a solution for you. You can also request a free demo via sales@em-smart.com.

30. Can I mark on my phone, laptop, tablet, or e-reader?

Yes, you can, we are willing help with the laser marking parameter settings.

31. Can I mark on the food (such as cookies or chocolates) with EM-Smart?

Yes. You can. However, we usually don’t recommend you do so.

32. Can I mark or engrave on sliver or gold?

Yes, it can work on silver or gold, but we won't guarantee the effect since they are precious metals which may have a loss during the marking or engraving.


33. How to install the EZCAD marking software?

You can find this EZCAD software in the flash drive which comes with the EM-Smart machine. It’s a one-step installation. You may also find tutorial installation videos on our YouTube Channel EM-Smart.

34. Where can I download EZCAD if I lose the flash drive?

You can download the latest version from the Resource Page of our website contact us via sales@em-smart.com.

35. How to set the right parameters (such as speed, power, frequency, hatch, etc.)?

It may take a bit of trial and error to learn what speed and power settings to use with different materials, but we include a product manual, a software manual and a parameter setting sheet that will help you get familiar with the machine soon.

36. Where can I get vector graphics?

We will send you a vector package with the machine for free.

37. How does the EM-Smart focus before marking?

Observe the relative position of the two red light pointers. Manually adjust the knob or handle so that the two points overlap, when the double red pointers focus, that’s where the focus position is.

38. Is it easy for me to use it as a freshman? How long does it take to learn to use the machine?

All EM-Smart machines are quite easy to use. Usually, it takes some minutes only to get the machine out of the box, plug it in, set it up, and finish your first marking.

39. What can I do if I encounter issues for installation or operation or if my EM-Smart or accessory breaks down?

Please read EM-Smart or Software Manuals or this Trouble Shooting Page of our website or watch this Tutorial Playlist of our YouTube Channel for solutions first. If you still can not solve the issue, kindly please write us an email at sales@em-smart.com or contact us via Live Chat, we will assist you in the first place.


40. What measures has EM-Smart taken to protect the operator?

Your safety is always our priority. All EM-Smart lasers come with a pair of safety goggles and the machine can be equipped with a safety enclosure (need purchase additionally on our website). Also, All EM-Smart machines have motion detection, overheats shutdown, and emergency stop functions for safety purposes.

41. Can kids use EM-Smart?

It is not allowed for the sake of safety. All EM-Smart are class-4 lasers, and the recommended age to use is 16 years old and above.

42. Is the dust or smog generated from marking toxic to human beings?

When the marking/engraving creates smoke and fumes, it can be exhausted by the air filter (need purchase additionally on our website). You may also use a fan or a window instead.

43. Does the laser beam hurt the skin? Can I put my hand on the workbench?

It’s strictly prohibited for the sake of safety.

44. Can I stare at the laser with naked eyes?

It’s also strictly prohibited for the sake of safety.

45. Do I have to purchase the safety enclosure and air filter additionally?

It’s an option. You can buy the safety enclosure and air filter additionally from the Accessories Page of our website.

46. What should I do during an emergency?

All EM-Smart machines are designed with an emergency stop button which you can use in case of emergencies.

47. What is the operation temperature for the EM-Smar?

The operation temperature for EM-Smart is 10 – 42℃ or 0-40℃.

48. What certifications and standards has EM-Smart passed?

The EM-Smart has passed certifications and standards such CE, RoHS, FDA, SGS, ISO 9001, etc. Besides, EM-Smart has registered trademarks at both EUIPO and USPTO.


49. How can I make the payment?

Currently, we accept Paypal, an easy and secure way to shop online. Besides, Credit Card and T/T are also acceptable.

50. Can I modify/cancel my order after the payment?

Of course yes, you are free to modify or cancel the order before shipping.

51. Do you accept payment by installments or cash on delivery?

Sorry, we don’t accept it so far.

52. Does the price include tax? Will an invoice be available for my payment?

All prices on our website already include tax. We can issue the commercial invoice for you.

53. Can you send me a quote or invoice before I purchase?

Yes. Please write an email to us, and indicate the products you want to buy and the relevant information of yourself or your company in the email.


54. Which countries does EM-Smart ship to?

We provide free and fast shipping service by air freight to all countries over the world.

55. Which shipping service does EM-Smart use?

We ship via DHL/ FedEx/UPS expresses to save time.

56. How soon are you going to dispatch after payment?

Usually the shipment will start within 24-48 hours after your payment except for unexpected circumstances (e.g. out of stock, we will get in touch with you immediately). We will update you with the shipping status via email in the first place. You are also free to contact us via sales@em-smart.com for your order’s latest status.

57. What is the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival)?

Delivery time depends on your chosen shipping method and various factors like holidays, shipping schedules, and your location. Estimated delivery time is typically 5-14 business days.

58. Can I track the parcel? How?

You may track your parcel via this site (https://www.17track.net/en/). You may also get the shipping information from the email sent by our customer service.

59. Will the shipping cost be borne by EM-Smart or the customer?

Unless there are special circumstances or arrangements, we will make free delivery for all EM-Smart products.

60. Do I have to pay customs duties for my EM-Smart?

This will be completely subject to the policy of the local customs of your country. If the customs duties apply, it will be the responsibility of the buyer. However, to avoid the duty, we also provide DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) shipping option for most countries, so that you won't have any duty worries.


61. Are EM-Smart machines capable of volume marking/engraving?

Provide an answer to the question here, with as much detail as possible to help your customers.

62. What good ideas can I create with EM-Smart?

That will depend on your imagination. Barcodes, lipsticks, coins, wine pots, dog tags, jewelry, knives, guns, medals, electronic components, medical equipment, cups, pens, purses, notebooks, tags, forks & knives, gifts, hard wares, key chains, mobile phones, nameplates, toys ... This is an endless list. EM-Smart support marking and engraving all kinds of metal, plastic, leather, slate, coated wood, etc.

63. For whom is the EM-Smart suitable?

As the world′s most portable and compact fiber laser marking machine, the EM-Smart will be most suitable for the customization and personalization of gifts, souvenirs, handicrafts, logos, brands, etc. by designers, handicraftsmen, Etsy sellers, Kickstarter entrepreneurs, creative agencies, and small businesses. Of course, it will be also a perfect tool for those who love DIY.

64. Can I become a distributor of EM-Smart?

Yes. Please contact us via sales@em-smart.com to get distribution details or submit your application here.

65. Can I make money with EM-Smart?

Definitely! Since personalization and customization of products are in high demand. But it depends on what product or service and how well you can market it of course. We have clients that use the EM-Smart machines to create anything from signs to laser engraving services to all types of customized or personalized items.
Besides, you can also join our Affiliate Program via sales@em-smart.com to make money together with EM-Smart.

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