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About Us

First and Top compact fiber laser brand to help grow your business!

EM-Smart is a subsidiary of CH Laser, a leading laser manufacturer with 25 years of experience, obtained various high-tech enterprise certificates and industry recognitions. EM-Smart is committed to helping users create a better life with laser technology. We adhere to quality-oriented and service-oriented principles to help users create higher value.

EM-Smart One
EM-Smart One is the first model released by EM-Smart. It was immediately loved and recognized by a wide range of users since released, and it remains a hot-selling product today.
Compact and Portable

EM-Smart's compact design makes it ideal for use in studios or homes, small and light-weight only 8.5kg. It takes up very little space. In addition, all EM-Smart® machines have a dedicated portable trolly case for easy carry and safety enclosure for safety and attending trade show.

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EM-Smart certificates
EM-Smart obtained various high-tech enterprise certificates and industry recognitions. As well as CE, FDA, SGS, RoHs, SCC, appearance patent and other certificates that comply with the import and export standards of the EU and other countries.
EM-Smart certificates
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