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Payment Options

1. How can I make the payment?
Currently, we accept Paypal, Credit Cards as well as Telegraphic Transfers & Bank Transfer. If you want to pay via Telegraphic Transfers & Bank Transfer please contact us via [email protected].

2. Can I modify/cancel my order after the payment?
Yes, you can cancel or modify your order at any time before shipping.

3. Can I buy an Air Filter/Protective Cover after my EM-Smart arrives?
Yes, you can buy from the Accessories Page of our website, or your local shop.

4. Do you accept payment in installments?
Sorry, we don’t accept this so far.

5. Does the price include tax? Will an invoice be available for my payment?
Yes, the price include tax. We can issue the commercial invoice for you.

6. Is there any other channel or platform where I can buy the EM-Smart machines besides
Sure, you can also place the order directly from our sales via [email protected].