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The Artistry of Deep Laser Engraving with EM-Smart

The Artistry of Deep Laser Engraving with EM-Smart

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Have you ever noticed the intricate coin markings or raised symbols on metal surfaces? These are prime examples of deep surface engravings, a technique that carves into materials, leaving prominent marks. If you're confused about how it differs from standard laser engraving, this blog aims to clarify that. We'll explore deep engraving, its unique features, applications, and highlight a compact desktop laser machine perfect for deep engraving.

1.How is Deep Laser Engraving Achieved?

In deep laser engraving, a powerful laser beam is used to vaporize the material and remove layers from its surface. This process creates a prominent design surrounded by cavities, similar to raised designs on stamps or coins. As the surrounding surface is etched away, the design appears raised. In standard engraving, the laser beam removes the material, leaving a permanent mark below the surface. In contrast, deep engraving involves the significant removal (engraving) of the surrounding surface, making the design stand out. This process requires more power, depth, and time compared to the standard procedure. An extension of deep engraving is 3D laser engraving, where varying depths of material removal create a three-dimensional appearance, enhancing the visual impact.

2.How Deep Can Laser Engraving Go?

As the name suggests, deep laser engraving delves deeper than standard engraving. Typically, depths reach around 500 micrometers or 0.5 millimeters. However, this depth is not set in stone. The depth of engraving varies, depending on the machine's capabilities and specific design requirements. Generally, the depth is limited to a few millimeters, which is sufficient to enhance aesthetics and create raised designs.

3. Can Metals be Deep Laser Engraved?

Yes, metals are suitable for deep laser engraving, and we often see them with deep markings in various applications. However, achieving this requires precise adjustment of engraving parameters. Precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum are particularly well-suited for deep engraving and find applications in the jewelry industry. Stainless steel can also undergo deep engraving, but with a cautionary note. Deep engraving can damage its oxide layer and increase the risk of corrosion. Iron faces a similar issue. To prevent this, additional steps such as chrome plating or painting are required after engraving. Common pulsed fiber lasers are renowned for their power and used in industries for deep engraving metal parts, although other types of lasers can be used at slower speeds.

4.What are the Applications of Deep Laser Engraving?

Deep laser engraving finds widespread applications in fields that require permanent marking. Here are some common uses:

1) Industrial Marking: It is commonly employed to cut logos, letters, and serial numbers on machine parts. This method ensures durable and wear-resistant identification.

2) Stamp Plate Engraving: Deep engraving is an ideal choice for creating stamp plates. The achieved depth leaves clear and precise imprints on stamps.

3) Jewelry Engraving: In the jewelry industry, deep engraving adds intricate designs or personalized effects to jewelry made from precious metals. It's the perfect way to add initials or unique touches to jewelry pieces.

4) Coin Engraving: Coins often feature detailed designs and text, and deep laser engraving is used to achieve that level of detail. It can create precise and complex patterns critical for the aesthetics and authenticity of coins.

5.How to Achieve Deeper Laser Engravings?

To achieve deeper laser engravings, several machine parameters, such as speed, optical power, and the number of passes, need to be fine-tuned.

  1. Optical Power: Power is the most influential factor. Higher optical power allows for deeper engravings in shorter durations. For deep laser engraving on metals, a minimum of 100W fiber laser is required, depending on the hardness of the metal being engraved. Other materials may require less power. If laser power is insufficient, the desired depth can still be achieved, but the process will be slower.
  1. Speed: The speed at which the laser head moves on the material is crucial. Setting lower speeds allows the laser to spend more time on each area, resulting in deeper cuts. However, caution must be exercised to avoid setting the speed too low, especially for materials like wood, to prevent burning or excessive material removal.
  1. Number of Passes:When using lower-powered lasers but aiming for greater depth, you can increase the number of passes the laser head makes to achieve greater depth. However, this method is more time-consuming as it involves multiple repetitions in the same area.
  1. Proper Ventilation: Deep engraving involves longer processing times and more material removal, leading to extended smoke generation. Additionally, the laser and material may heat up during this process.

6.What Deep Laser Engraving Machine Do You Need?

For those seeking deep engraving effects, it is recommended to use a fiberlaser engraving machine specifically designed for deep engraving purposes. EM-Smart, a leading manufacturer of laser systems, offers the EM-Smart Basic, a compact desktop laser engraving machine built for achieving deep engravings on various materials.

The EM-Smart Basic Features:

1.HIGHER SPEED 10000MM/S: With 20/25w MAX industrial laser source, EM-Smart is 5+ times faster than its competitors, allowing you to complete tasks that previously took minutes in just seconds. Bring your masterpieces to life in a blink of an eye.

2.REPEAT ACCURACY¬Ī002MM: EM-Smart laser engraver provides high accuracy engraving with its industrial-grade laser source, professionally customized galvo and F-Theta lens, allows for a leap in engraving accuracy.

3.Unlimited Marking Height: 200mm default marking height meets your demand for engraving most common items, while the limitless marking height achieved through rotation provides you with more space and possibilities.

4.Galvo Scanning System: EM-Smart laser engraver uses glass fibers, population inversion and an amplifier module to create a stronger, faster-moving laser output. Industrial grade customized galvo scanning system and F-Theta lens make it achieve high accuracy engraving and HD 8K resolution.

5.Exhaust System and Safety Features: EM-Smart Basic is equipped with a built-in exhaust system, ensuring a clean and safe working environment. The machine also includes safety features such as emergency stop buttons and protective enclosures to prioritize user safety. 

Deep laser engraving is a technique that adds depth and prominence to engraved designs, making them stand out on various materials. Whether for industrial marking, stamp plate engraving, jewelry customization, or coin production, deep laser engraving offers a versatile solution for permanent and visually appealing markings. By utilizing a dedicated machine like the EM-Smart Basic, users can achieve precise and deep engravings with efficiency, flexibility, and enhanced control. Explore the world of deep laser engraving and unlock endless creative possibilities with EM-Smart's laser products.